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Why Choose Voltone Solution Partners?


We are a small local Cincinnati group who prefer face to face interactions with our partners.  We also enjoy cinnamon in our chili and the meat oatmeal known as goetta. 


We are not bound to the agendas of other companies up-selling a new product.  We make our decisions based on what you want and what works best for you.      


We currently have no service contracts.  We believe that our work speaks for itself and think you should have the ability to go with a company that suits you best.  


We operate at a flat rate.  There is no hidden charge because you emailed us at 3:00am on Bastille Day which just so happened to be a Saturday.  We are flexible and understand emergencies do not keep a consistent schedule.


We have a passion for this industry and enjoy furthering your growth as well as our own.  We even offer training custom tailored to your specific needs.  Consider us the IT training tuxedo.  

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